Fearlessly Feral Living!

Episode Two: What is Spirituality?

May 05, 2020 Karen Season 1 Episode 2
Fearlessly Feral Living!
Episode Two: What is Spirituality?
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Show Notes

Show Notes:

What is spiritual?  Why would you want to be spiritual? In this episode, we discuss the meaning of spirituality in our lives and how being spiritual can lead to Fearlessly Feral Living.

Many definitions of spirituality do not do it justice.  Spirituality is about being as Spirit.  It is about embodying qualities such as love, peace, wisdom, power and joy.  

The more we can be these qualities, the more Fearlessly Feral we can be in our lives.

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I'm currently serving as Interim Minister at Mountainside Center for Spiritual Living in Placerville, CA.  All our services are via Zoom and you can find us on Facebook.

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